Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All thingies are precious

Tonight I was cleaning up after tonight's fish taco dinner, and I was trying to secure the corn tortillas for re-storage in the freezer.

"Sweetie, have you seen the twist-tie for these?"

Jessica turns. "Oh, I've just been using this metal thingie to clip it with."

I look at the thingie in question, and I did my all-too-well-practiced facepalm.

There is a moment of quiet. "Oh, was that thingie important?"

Once words returned to me, I replied, "All of my thingies are important!"

I described the thingie in question, the clip for my anti-static wrist strap:

I went on to explain the two hours I'd spent a couple of weeks back looking for said thingie all over the house. In fact I remembered very specifically its approximate location because, compulsive chewer that I am, I had been biting on it and using it as a whistle while working. Okay, that is probably more strange than using it to clip a bag of frozen tortillas.

Side note: detachable clip for frozen tortillas also makes a fine dog whistle.

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