Monday, March 30, 2009

Next: the back of the cerial box

So I've been reading 'chapter books' - juvenile novels - to Theo at bedtime. The slower pace is a lot less engaging than picture books and don't draw him out as much. More often than not he's asleep within a couple of pages.

Today however was a late nap day. So after a late movie (Beethoven, which I've never actually seen before) and a trip outside to see the stars (he procured from somewhere a toilet paper roll and used it in lieu of a chance to see through my binoculars) we engaged in the nightly ritual. We had only one chapter remaining in 'The Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones' and I tried to draw it out. We were close when we reached the final line, but beyond that was an appendix: a list of dinosaurs, with their descriptions. Finally I reached the 'Tyranosaurus' at the alphabetical end of the list, and glanced up to see eyes half closed. So, hardly skipping a beat, I went on to read the inner back flap of the dustjacket, which was the location of the 'About the Author' section.

Now Theo will be dreaming of an odd dinosaur from Eugene, Oregon named Mary Adrian.

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