Friday, December 10, 2010

My oldest post

I found this a while back. This might just be my very first posting to the Internet ever. I did it via SacBBS via FidoNet. The odd thing is I don't remember being interested in Deckmaster until after I moved to Oregon in 1995. Either it was random, or I completely forgot.

From: (Jt Justman)
Date: 20 Jul 94 16:13:00 -0800
Subject: Cool.
Message-ID: <>
X-Mail-Agent: GIGO+ sn 1 at wmeonlin vsn 0.99 pl1
Organization: Fidonet: The Connection BBS
Lines: 8

Cool. I'm posting on a link. i should get used to it if i'm gonna have
this stuff on my BBS somday. Bye.

JT JUSTMAN Sysop Cyberland BBS (916)488-5162
: Fidonet: Jt Justman 1:203/5150.7 .. speaking for only myself.
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